Coolest Pool Design Concepts Of 2017

Pool design

Your pool is great, trust us. It’s provided you with great times, been there for you when the weather got too hot, and provided the centerpiece for many a party. But now it’s 2017, and it might be looking a little… tired. It might be time to spice it up with an awesome pool design!


If you want to give it a cool new contemporary upgrade, or are looking to have the best looking pool in the neighbourhood, think about incorporating the following pool design elements. Trends come and go, but we think these ones will have a lasting impact!


Include Sun Shelvessun shelf pool design


You might have heard them referred to as a Baja shelves, but whatever they’re going as these days, these shallow ledges let users cool off while not getting totally soaked, making them great for tanning or letting the wee ones and pets splash about.


So set up a chair and get your feet wet. It might be just what the doctor ordered this summer!



vanishing edge pool designVanishing Edge Pools


Also known as Infinity pools, these are super stylish, giving the impression that it merges into the rest of your yard. While you might not be next to the ocean or atop a skyscraper penthouse, vanishing edge pools always look impressive.


These pools don’t have a current; they have an exposed wall that’s a fraction of an inch below the water level, and it falls into a catch basin, after which it’s pumped back into the pool. Don’t fall in love too quickly, though – they are pricey additions.


Poolside Firepoolside fire pool design


Make your yard a land of contrasts. Fire pits, bowls, and open barbecues make bringing the heat poolside one cool trend. It helps create the perfect atmosphere for an evening dip, or lets you entertain outside long into the night.


These fireplaces can sit next to the pool, or be incorporated into the pool design for an even greater effect. Either way, they work well with any pool.


Bisazza Tile Pool DesignBisazza Tile Design pool steps


This glass tile pool design is great if you’re looking to give your inground pool an awesome-looking makeover. Go to your local major home reno shop, get some advice and materials, and design it yourself! It might be a major project, but time it right, you’ll have it done before the first super-hot summer day.


The best part is how amazing these glass mosaics look in the sunlight. They bring an exotic beauty to your pool, and we predict this trend will only skyrocket in the future.


Beach EntryBeach Entry Pool Design


This might be the height of luxury – a private beach in your own backyard! – but it’s such a cool idea! Steadily inch into your water rather than submerse your lower half into the shallow end.