Why It’s Best To Have A Pro Open Your Pool


It’s springtime, and you know what that means… birds, sun, and just around the corner, the opening of your pool! There’s nothing better than taking a dip, lounging on an inner tube with a book, or getting some early morning exercise in your clear-blue pool once the weather gets hot. The only problem is, now you have to set it up!


Pools are awesome – that’s why you bought it – but they require maintenance, time, and energy. After the long autumn and winter seasons, there’s a lot involved getting it up and going. That’s why, to save you the headaches involved, you should hire a professional to open your pool. Here are some reasons why:


1. Less Work For You

Getting your pool ready can be a time-intensive process, one that might delay your ability to open it until you have that free time. Hiring a professional pool service to open it up can mean enjoying it earlier in the season; after all, you paid for the pool, you might as well do all you can to use it!


2. No Handling of Pool Chemicals

Professionals work with the chemicals so you don’t have to. It’s never fun to play with chemicals, especially ones you might be swimming in later. What’s fun is having your pool kept both its cleanest and safest, and to do that you need to make sure it has the right amount of chlorine or bromine and the correct pH balance. Getting a pro means no burning eyes, green scum buildup, or handling of chemicals with names you can’t pronounce.


3. The Technical Stuff

You may have forgotten during the off-season, but uncovering your pool is not as simple yanking the cover back. You have to pump the standing water that has pooled on the cover, ensure that there are no tears in it, put it back properly in its case, clean the filter, remove winterization plugs… there are a lot of steps just to get started!


Then there’s making sure the water is safe, the filtration is working, and the pool equipment hasn’t deteriorated. To ensure that everything is done properly with no rips, tears, or broken filters (or forgotten bits of plastic that could end up in the filter!), calling a professional who works with pools can be an excellent idea.



4. No Worries

There’s also a little thing that will seem much bigger come summertime: peace of mind. Routine maintenance keeps it in great shape, and going with people who know what they’re doing means you won’t have to worry about doing something wrong. After all, it’s a job you only do once a year!


So relax and give us a call. We can get your pool ready as soon as possible, and ensure you’ll get the most use possible out of it this season!

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