Support Family-Owned Businesses!


Family-owned businesses are a cornerstone for our economy. Most businesses in Canada are owned by families – some get as big as Molson Coors or McCain Foods, but the majority are just your neighbourhood mainstays. Tally up all the community businesses you frequent, and chances are, they’re owned by a family that lives in your community, too.


This includes us! We here at Alexander Pools know the importance of your swimming pool to our family. This means our family is important to your pool, which in turn means family-owned businesses are important to you!


Supporting Every Member of the Family


family-owned businessThe benefits of supporting family-run businesses are the same as supporting any local business, except for one thing: often the family is fully invested in making their business work, and making it thrive so they can be members of the community, too. Often times, it’s a full-time effort on the part of every member of the family to make the business work.


This means your dollars are helping teenagers save for college, letting parents enroll their children in sports and music lessons, and generally just letting a member of your community put a solid roof over their heads. Supporting these businesses gives a people your family will get to know a chance to thrive in a challenging environment.


This full investment can be challenging. Family-owned businesses have to think about the long-term viability of their support system, because the stakeholders aren’t random people with money invested – it’s a family! Their security and growth are tied to the business, and this means there is a lot at stake.


Supporting the Community


When one family-owned business in the community thrives, the community thrives, too. Keeping money in and around your area means more social programs, a better sense of connection, and better infrastructure. You’re supporting everyone just in your daily routine!


LoblawsEvery business started out small – Loblaw Companies, and their quintessential Canadian brand President’s Choice, started out as Toronto bakery almost a century ago. Now it’s a huge name in Canada (though now owned by a different family, the Westons, which rescued it from bankruptcy in the 70s).


Family-owned businesses help you out every day. Take the time to appreciate the ones in your life, and try to frequent as many of them as possible. You won’t just be doing that family a favour – you’ll be doing one for your family, too!